THEATER | Blank Slate’s “Pinocchio” is a sterling page-to-stage adaptation

Blank Slate Theatre’s 14th full-length production, a page-to-stage adaptation of Pinocchio, would be artistically challenging even for a professional theater company. The fact that this brilliantly staged and beautifully performed play was put together by grade school and high school students and their twentysomething creative team (playwright, director, and producer) makes it a breathtaking achievement.

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Above the Falls: from troubling history to beautiful vision

The Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition announced its winner on February 10—a compelling vision for a clean, efficient, culturally diverse future for North Minneapolis. Where today there are smokestacks and polluted land, the plan foresees that North Side residents will one day enjoy river walkways, environmentally responsible housing, and good jobs in a high-tech green economy.If implemented, the plan promises, people will be lifted from poverty and into a healthy, meaningful life. It’s a far cry from what North Siders live with today and, with respect to history, a very different vision than the one first presented in 1999 and adopted in 2000, back when Above the Falls was known as the Upper Mississippi Redevelopment Master Plan. So if some of the older folks who remember the first version of the plan are a little skeptical, it’s worth a look back to see why they might be reserving their enthusiasm. Once home to the city’s wealthiest residents, North Minneapolis today is a community that perpetually teeters on the edge of stability. Continue Reading