The best of Northern Spark: A whole lot of Twin Cities love

Negotiating Northern Spark, the Twin Cities’ annual all-night art and culture binge, requires a distinct set of skills. A nocturnal disposition is handy, though faking it courtesy of a caffeine-tempered gut is an acceptable substitute. Equally indispensable is a smartphone and an ease with social media. Lastly, of utmost import is an ability to just let go. With over 150 events spread across the city in only a 12-hour window, there’s simply no way to see it all. Continue Reading

Golden Gate Park on the Mississippi? University of Minnesota architecture students suggest grand plans, encounter grander obstacles

For years, the future of Minneapolis’s riverfront along St. Anthony Main has been rich in promise but lacking in follow-through. New proposals for the area poured in after a plan to reinvigorate the area collapsed in the 2008 recession. To help educate them on options for their neighborhood’s future, residents of the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood and the greater University District sought the help of Ignacio San Martín.

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Historians and techies unite to bolster Minnesota’s presence on Wikipedia

On Saturday, February 25, the Special Collections department of Hennepin County’s Central Library hosted an event uniting history buffs with the tech-savvy in order to increase the state of Minnesota’s presence on the user-generated encyclopedia Wikipedia. The goal was that those from the Wikipedia social circle who are passionate about democratic and expansive knowledge access would aid the historical experts as they jointly flushed out the aspects of the state’s past previously undocumented on Wikipedia.

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