Food stamps fail to reach Northfield’s elderly poor

Armed with scientific calculators, students at Carleton College were doing math – but not just any math. They were adding up calories and cents, selecting foods to buy from a small-scale model grocery store they’d built in the classroom. Their goal: to satisfy their dietary needs with limited money.

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Former young addicts recall Northfield drug abuse

“In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love.”

Those words are displayed on the front wall of the Main Street Moravian Church in Northfield, and they are the words that Pastor Amy Gohdes-Luhman used to open the Town Hall Meeting on drug abuse held in Northfield on Nov. 8.

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Recession hits twice as hard for Northfield’s Hispanic immigrants

(Homes at Viking Terrace. Photo by Hai Ngo.)

When his car broke down two weeks ago, José Ramos and his family faced a difficult decision.

Replacing the car’s water pump would put a considerable strain on the family’s monthly budget.  Yet without a car, José couldn’t drive to the sites around Northfield where he finds occasional home improvement odd jobs.

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New eco-friendly Carleton dorms attract national attention

These red brick buildings are green.

“It’s hard to tell it is so environmentally friendly, it just feels like a really nice dorm,” says Lauren Masterson, a Carleton College freshman and resident of Cassat Hall, one of two new recently completed dormitories getting rave reviews from residents.

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