COMMUNITY VOICES | The Hypocrisy of Minneapolis Energy Options

On August 1st, a rally was held by Minneapolis Energy Options. The group alleges that Xcel Energy is not providing ‘green energy’ and therefore, is not a suitable electricity provider for the city of Minneapolis. Apparently, Minneapolis Energy Options believes that the City of Minneapolis would do a far better job in delivering clean, renewable, reliable electricity to the residents of Minneapolis without raising rates and we will all live happily ever after. Who are they kidding? Not many. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Safe, Decent and Sanitary Housing in Minneapolis? Where?

I have lived in the city of Minneapolis for 9 years and never once have I lived in an apartment that was not filled with serious Housing Code Violations. What this says about this city, is that the housing stock is anything but safe, sanitary and decent and we obviously have no problem with this. If we did, then why was there no real changes to code enforcement after 6 people (3 adults and 3 children) were killed in a fire in 2010? The tenants who survived spoke of a persistent odor of gas, hanging wires where a smoke detector once worked and a “rat’s nest of wiring” protruding from a wall and other serious issues. Fast forward to present day and problems similar to these still exist in apartments all across Minneapolis. I know because I am living in one.The apartment that I currently live in, the steps leading to the building are crumbling and two steps are half way missing, my ceiling fan erupted in sparks that would rival a July 4th fireworks display. Continue Reading