The only problem with SNAP is underfunding

MPR recently ran a story explaining some of the reasons behind the error rates in Minnesota’s SNAP payments, formally known as food stamps. The federal government says Minnesota made about $38 million in 2012 payment errors, comprising about 5 percent of SNAP’s $750 million in total benefits. On its face, this number, and the corresponding rank as “one of the worst in the nation” feeds right into the idea of benefit cheaters that has helped put the entire SNAP program in jeopardy. Continue Reading

GED changes hinder instead of help

Starting in January, people around the country hoping to gain high-school accreditation through obtaining a GED will face a very different set of tests. In a huge overhaul of the GED procedure, prospective test-takers will have to pass a series of tests being remodeled to more closely align with the new common core standards being rolled out in the K-12 school system. Continue Reading