Gremlin Theatre will move this summer

The Gremlin Theatre is moving at the end of July. Citing changes in ownership and developmental plans for the building at 2400 University Ave. that has housed the company for the last five years, artistic director Peter Christian Hansen says the time has come to look for new quarters.

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Connecticut shooting spurs local efforts on gun control

When does a concerned citizen become a committed activist?For St. Anthony Park resident Anna Dick Gambucci, the turning point came on the afternoon of Dec. 14. She was sitting in a car after lunch that day when she heard the initial reports of the deadly shooting at a Connecticut grade school that had claimed the lives of 26 children and teachers.“I felt as if the wind were knocked out of me,” she says. “I started crying.”A former high school choir teacher and the mother of two students at St. Continue Reading

Marriage amendment reprise: In District 64A, votes against marriage amendment exceed number of same-sex partnership households by a wide margin

In this area, the dominant color of the last election was orange. More common and more prominent than signs for any candidate—including the presidential contenders—the bright orange lawn signs advising passers-by to Vote No on the Marriage Amendment became the visual signature of the election.This is the third in a series of occasional articles by Judy Woodward that look at different aspects of the Bugle’s communities as revealed by the findings of the 2010 U. S. Census.Election results bore out the lack of enthusiasm for the amendment that would have enshrined traditional heterosexual marriage in the Minnesota State Constitution. About 47 percent of Minnesotans statewide voted to approve the amendment, but in St. Paul, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale, more than two-thirds of voters opposed the measure. In Legislative District 64A, the no vote was a remarkable 82 percent, outpolling every politician from Barack Obama down to State Rep. Erin Murphy.Quite a display for an area that, according to the 2010 Census results, contains no more than 2 or 3 percent of households that define themselves as same-sex partnerships.No one knows how many gay couples and families have lived in the area in the past, since 2010 was the first year that the U.S. Census included a question that allowed same-sex couples to identify themselves as such. Continue Reading

Accordion guy Dan Newton puts the squeeze on les bons temps

When you think of the accordion, what comes to mind? Be honest. Are you thinking Lawrence Welk? Terminally uncool polkas thumped out by maniacally grinning fellows in sateen vests and bad haircuts?You may not be alone. Accordions have long had an image problem.Como Park resident Dan Newton would like to change all that. Continue Reading