FREE SPEECH ZONE | City of Ramsey Seeking Entertainment

The City of Ramsey is looking for local musicians, jugglers, school or community bands, choral groups, dance troupes, martial arts demonstrators, spoken word artists and other entertainers to perform at the Ramsey Amphitheatre. Scheduled performances will take place on Thursdays in conjunction with the Ramsey Farmers Market. Available dates range from August 12th to October 21st.Volunteer performers are welcome to put out a tip jar, sell CD’s, DVD’s and other merchandise for promotional purposes. Electricity will be provided, however entertainers are responsible for providing amplification if required. Please email for more informationFree Speech ZoneThe Free Speech Zone offers a space for contributions from readers, without editing by the TC Daily Planet. Continue Reading

Goose Lake Farm and Winery celebrates fall harvest

Ginger, one of the farm’s resident dogs, proudly presents a stick – wagging her tail wildly.  A rooster crows. Peacocks strut the grounds. And mere yards away people are clinking wine glasses and sharing laughter.  Children are huddled together, coloring in books on a bench as their parents mill through the front part of the cottage retail area, where public tastings are also held.

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My kind of health reform

The tell-tale sign we’re entering into the cold weather, holiday gift-buying season here in the Twin Cities is evident with increased airplay of certain commercials. One in particular, a female voice echoes in my ear, long after turning off the radio or television, informing everyone: “What you do in your bedroom, is our business!”

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