A New Voice?

Cities Classical Dance Ensemble (CCDE) is in part a spin-off from Continental Ballet, which is based inBloomington, and in part a pickup assembly of some strong dancers from various sources around town. These include the U of MN dance department and BalletMinnesota. Biographies reveal many other connections both local and national. Continue Reading

Minnesota Fringe Festival—FLESH

It has been fascinating to see the wide range of responses to this show that have appeared in the Fringe audience reviews. Some have given “Five Kitties” and lauded the show for fabulous performances. Some have given as little as one or two “Kitties” and said that they were bored or just plain didn’t get it.

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Party Like It’s 2010

There is a woman sitting on the floor in the space. She is totally focused on her laptop, her smartphone, and apparently, or possibly, some other gizmos. There is a lot of wiring. The Fringe house manager delivers the usual speech, and the show begins.

Two couples try to communicate with each other. Both have more than one significant duet. Continue Reading

This is my world: On Zenon Dance Company’s 2009 fall season

It was hard to get to Zenon’s Fall show at The Ritz. During their opening weekend I was attending the Dance/USA Board of Trustees meetings in Washington, DC. Friday night of their closing weekend I had a tech rehearsal for the Continental Ballet Nutcracker, and Saturday night I went to the Choreographers’ Evening at The Walker, a one-time option. Continue Reading

Choreographers’ Evening

Near the end of World War Two Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters recorded a hit tune entitled, “There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin When The Yanks Go Marching In.” No further explanation for this snippet of historical pop culture is needed. The title and the context say it all. The idea is to suggest that when the righteous good guys show up, some ass is going to get kicked. It was a triumphalist, self-righteous anthem. Continue Reading

Congratulations EDA!

Breaking news. The Minnesota Shubert Project and the Walker Art Center have good reason to pop the bubbly and stage a well-deserved celebration. Here’s why, but you’re going to have to bear with me through an explanatory setup. Continue Reading

Minnesota Opera’s “The Pearl Fishers”

The Minnesota Opera has just wrapped a two-weekend run of “The Pearl Fishers,” a 19th century grand opera by Georges Bizet. My wife and I spent the equivalent of 2.5 weeks of grocery budget to get two pleasantly surprising seats in the mid price range. Take note, grand opera is GRANDE, in the French sense of the word, meaning big, expensive, multi-disciplinary, long, and what you might call “spectacle-oriented.” Continue Reading