Minnesota Fringe Festival: Nuance is earned

This show – mostly dance but a certain amount of text and song – is a loose collaboration among four women who have something to say.  It holds together remarkably well, despite lack of a clear and tangible underlying thread such as narrative or topic or style. The four separate pieces are all clearly distinct from each other, but somehow they belong together. 

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Alone In The Dark

Last night I was sitting backstage at The Lab Theatre waiting for my next cue. There’s an area at the foot of the stairs that extends under what is a sort of side-view balcony, and also the tech booth, above. That’s where I was. Continue Reading

Being In Someone Else’s Show

Full disclosure;  I have a small part in Sarah LaRose-Hollands’s Fringe show, “Soiree Preview.” I want to talk abut being a person in someone else’s show. I will carefully avoid any critical, analytical or perceptual comments about this show.  I’m prohibited, in fact, from commenting on this show on the Fringe website. Continue Reading