Satanic Rituals and Tiki Bars at The Trylon

On Thursday, March 12, The Trylon will present two feature films from opposite ends of my twenty-year filmmaking career here in Hollywood, Minnesota. The first, “Made in Berlin”, is a tribute to German expressionist movies of the 1920’s such as “Metropolis” and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. It was shot on 16 mm black-and-white filmstock in the steamy confines of a since-closed Minneapolis hotel in the spring of 1997. The second, “The Tiki War”, is a “Mad Men”-era piece set in a tiki bar in 1961 Chicago that pays tribute to the days when the Rat Pack ruled the world. This feature was shot on high-definition Red Scarlet in the belly of Minneapolis’ Red Dragon in February of 2014.Both movies are helping to get the cauldron boiling for my upcoming feature film production “Group Session With Satan”, slated to be made in Minnesota either this spring or summer. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | ‘Mad Men’ meets ‘Breaking Bad’ at Red Dragon

For those who love “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad” and early 1960’s film noir, your long wait is over. My latest feature film “The Tiki War” has just completed shooting in Minneapolis. Set in a tiki bar in 1961 Chicago, this latest addition to my canon, which also includes the Russ Meyer tribute “Vixen Highway” and the German expressionist “Made in Berlin”, is slated for completion in fall of 2014.”The Tiki War” was shot in February at the Red Dragon Restaurant and Bar in Uptown. The late 1950’s exotica wall-paper, Naugahyde booths, Polynesian decor and Chinese stained glass, struck me as evoking the perfect look for The Tiki Room, the struggling tiki bar and show lounge where the story is set. Over one busy, bloody night before John F. Kennedy’s inauguration as President, three night club owners and two luckless entertainers battle over territory, honor, heroin and Cuba’s most potent rum. Continue Reading