Northeast Ride combines bicycling with business


The fourth annual Northeast Ride ran on Saturday June 13. The Ride ,organized by the Northeast Community Development Corporation, took bicyclists on a route that visited many Northeast neighborhoods on streets and off-road trails. The event was put on with the help of volunteers representing many Northeast businesses and organizations. The ride ended with an after-party at Indeed Brewing and music by the bicycle-powered band The Eclectic Ensemble. Continue Reading

Animation Station!

It’s hard to believe that nineteen Art-A-Whirls have gone by since the first one, in 1996. I almost missed that first Art-A-Whirl, but my state representative, Diane Loeffler, suggested I go and maybe do some videotaping. So I went out on the last day of that first Art-A-Whirl and asked a few people who they were and what was going on. I managed to run into several of the founders of the event, and I saw that those quietly large industrial buildings in my neighborhood were full of life and activity. This year, Debbie Woodward, the building manager of one of those buildings, the Northrup King, gave me the opportunity to use a space on the second floor of that building, right in the heart of the Northeast Arts District. Continue Reading