Mourning a baby

Last month a 14-month-old baby was crushed by his father for crying. He was squeezed until the ends of his ribs poked out his back. No one in the extended family “noticed.”

I was utterly floored, especially when I recalled that a similar horror happened a year ago in the same location. Continue Reading

Vitamins for northern climates

Yesterday I finally picked what I hope may be the last of the redcurrants.

My little patch is tremendously rewarding, although it contains fewer than 10 plants.

The first picking, a week ago, yielded enough for 15 jars of beautiful jelly, and yesterday’s picking was more than a gallon – so another 20-30 jars.

Redcurrants are perfectly hardy here, and may be increased by Continue Reading

Rescued by Jacques and Julia

“You can leave out the butter if you want – but you’ll be sorry.”

A series of boringly complicated events burst upon me, and I was deeply grateful that Jacques and Julia were there, on screen, chipping off each other, the ideal father and mother, sparring good-naturedly, exploring variations, creating “architectural cooking,” diving into the new way of doing a turkey.

What kind Continue Reading

Mixed feelings

In the old days it was called shooting oneself in the foot.  I don’t know what the current usage is, but the idiom still works in any case.

I am not a professional restaurant critic, thank goodness. However, I frequent restaurants, and I have some preferences along the lines of eptness.

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The joys of nostalgia

Perhaps it is necessary to reach “a certain age” for nostalgia to be openly allowed. Unrelated to the soupiness often found this time of year, I find myself with a faulty yearning for a way of life we will never again experience.

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