Three Issues | Colleen Dooley: Community gardens, education, marriage amendment

Colleen Dooley is a yoga teacher and massage therapist who lives in the Midway neighborhood is Saint Paul, with the youngest of her four children.I met with Colleen in the community garden plot, where we are gardening neighbors. As I interviewed her, she was busy planting seedlings. She quickly identified the issues that are most important to her in the upcoming election as the environment, education, and equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.In terms of the environment, Colleen would like to see more political support for local initiatives that support neighborhood connectedness. She would love to see more community gardens available, citing her own experience as one that has helped her meet neighbors who she now sees on a regular basis—at the library, on walks, at the store etc. She remembers seeing a man on a bike wearing a shirt that said, “One less car.” Soon afterwards, she recognized him as the same man running for a local political office. Continue Reading