THREE ISSUES | “Puttin’ People On the Moon”… and in Congress… and into the White House

Jim Rufi, the 46-year old award-winning Car Program manager of the St. Paul-Fairview Goodwill Easter Seals (since 2005), self-avowed fan of the country-rock group “Drive-By Truckers”, and astute student of political science told the Daily Planet what he feels are the most important issues in the upcoming federal elections this fall, illustrating with song lyrics in a deft juxtaposition of music, politics, and life.FP: “Jim, what are some of the concerns, concepts, or issues you have regarding the upcoming national elections that you hope to see addressed or resolved?”JR: “Basically, I would want President Obama to win. But as far as the political process itself goes (the election season, politicking, ads), I must say I’m a bit disillusioned.”FP: “How did you reach a point of disillusionment?”JR: “Oh, just the past, seeing it all play out, having experienced past elections. You know, one of my favorite connections to the political process is through music, just because as a medium of communication, music is so universal, open, and relevent to everyday life, including politics.”FP: “Could you elucidate?”JR: “Sure. For example, if you look around at the U.S. voting populace today, alot of them, including me, are [disillusioned] with the current course we’re on, especially regarding foreign policy. Continue Reading

THREE ISSUES | A Minnesotan’s candid thoughts on the 2012 state election

Willie is an employee of the FATHER project, a Minneapolis organization that assists fathers in overcoming barriers that prevent them from supporting their children economically and emotionally. He had some interesting thoughts on the upcoming state elections.FP: “What are some concerns, concepts, or issues that you hope to see addressed in the upcoming state elections?”W: “Well, certainly the state budget, especially regarding education. The two proposed amendments to the state constitution definetely worry me. Both proposed amendments seem designed to discriminate against people….”FP: “What makes you feel that way?”W: “Well, we as a country, from the founding fathers on forward, have placed a premium on progressing human rights, from ending human slavery, to expanding voting rights across race and gender, and so on and so forth. So to me, the proposed voter ID constitutional amendment is just a way to restrict segments of our voting population. Continue Reading