Church sponsors new workshop for LGBT couples

by Erica Mauter | September 28, 2009 • Hennepin Church (511 Groveland at Lyndale Ave., Mpls.) is sponsoring a six-part workshop for LGBT couples who have been together for at least on year.

The workshop’s goal is to lay the foundation for a great future by learning about effective communication, conflict resolution, increasing self-awareness, deepening trust, setting realistic goals, an Continue Reading

OutFront Minnesota tells what it IS doing

by Erica Mauter • I asked if OutFront Minnesota is doing its job, as it’s a common complaint I hear from people who disagree with their strategy. OutFront Communications Director Jo Marsicano replied in the comments.

OutFront Minnesota would like to respond to the question, “Is OutFront Minnesota doing its job?”

OutFront Minnesota works year round advocating for our community and working closely with our allies.
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Black vs White saving habits

by Erica Mauter • US News & World Report published an item on its Planning to Retire blog about the different saving habits of white Americans vs African-Americans.

African-Americans and whites who make at least $50,000 annually are equally likely to have access to 401(k)’s and contribute regularly. But blacks save less each month and have smaller nest eggs, according to a new survey [conducted by Charles Schwab Corp. and Ariel Investments].

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