World AIDS Day rests on the horizon

by Colette Davidson • 11/28/08 • Okay, it was only a TV movie. But it was based on a true story (as they often are) and packed a real punch. In L’Amour dans le Sang, we visit the life of Charlotte Valandrey, a French teen actress who became a star after her first film, Rouge Baiser, in 1985. Continue Reading

Mumbai bombings: Terror in a holy land

by Colette Davidson • 11/27/08 • India, my love, what is happening to you?

I am about 400 pages into the 900 page book about India, Shantaram, where the main character and his friends often frequent Cafe Leopold in the southern, Colaba area of the city. The seemingly jovial tourist spot has taken on a new meaning to me as I watch the news now to see that an unknown group has just opened gunfire inside it. Continue Reading

How quickly we (try to) forget

by Colette Davidson • 11/23/08 • Back in France. It was only a week but it felt like a time warp. Just as always, going home to Minnesota brings me back to a time when I was still bringing my laundry home, or living at home, or wishing I could get the hell away from home. Continue Reading

Dredging race out of the closet

by Colette Davidson • 11/7/08 • It didn’t take long for the “Obama effect” to hit France. Just two days after the first African-American was elected president, the French are jumping on the chance to assess their own political makeup. Continue Reading

Bring me home to my new America

by Colette Davidson • 11/6/08 • I’ve been on the road now for almost ten years – hopping between countries, landing softly in Minneapolis from time to time to rest my wings, then parting again. Each experience brings a new flavor, a new host of challenges that puts the world in perspective. From these voyages, I have learned one thing – I am not proud to be an American. Continue Reading

Stop ripping on socialism

by Colette Davidson • 10/23/08 • Hey! What’s so bad about socialism?

Lately, socialism has been getting a bad rap and I want to know why. I live in France, a country that prides itself on the socialist system and I have to say, socialism rocks.

Kolet ink is the blog of Colette Davidson, a freelance writer for the TC Daily Planet and a former assistant editor of the Uptown Neighborhood News. Continue Reading