Shelter report: Finding my inner Sleep Fairy

For any parent who’s struggled with getting one balky four-year-old down for a nap, the prospect of bedding 17 of them at a time in the same room might not seem like a fun way to voluntarily spend one’s afternoon.

But it is. Half my job on the preschool afternoon shift involves the cultivation of somnolence: preparing kids for the nap, inducing calm, dampening distractions and disturbances, and doing chores during the miraculous time when everyone is asleep.

Sometimes it means I get to be The Sleep Fairy.

It’s perhaps the only assignment for which I am professionally qualified.

The Sleep Fairy is a minor deity, equivalent to, say, an offspring of Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Dr. Seuss. (Yes, we were warned that such marriages would become possible in Minnesota after August First!) Continue Reading