Trending short-term leases make Northside businesses vulnerable to displacement


One thought on “Trending short-term leases make Northside businesses vulnerable to displacement

  1. Thanks for the great reporting. Just a small correction: the owners of the West Broadway McDonalds do not in fact own the property they operate out of- Sherman Associates does.

    I agree that there need to be more people of color-owned properties in North! It’s also important to recognize the people that are doing just that, to give hope and possibly provide mentors to others:

    Dr. Tara Watson, an African American woman, owns 2 properties and 3 businesses on West Broadway (Watson Chiropractic, Anytime Fitness, Exceptional Home House). Juxtaposition Arts (founded and run by African Americans DeAnna and Roger Cummings) owns 4 properties on West Broadway. Les Jolies Petites Dance Studio, Dimensions in Hair, Flora’s Salon, J & H Furniture, C & J’s Barbers, Varnado Printing, Hair + Wigs, Brix Grocery and Meat, Broadway and Fremont Food and Fuel, Amstar Gas Station, and Long Moune Auto Sales are also people of color-owned properties and businesses on West Broadway.

    Please reach out if you would like to know more about or connect to these wonderful property-owners!

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