First-time promoter brings indie film “Amira and Sam” to Minnesota


In November of 2014 Kim Flynn made a trip to Austin, Texas to watch the Forever Film Fest. Forever Fest grew out of “Girlie Night” at the Drafthouse Cinema. This was an entire film series dedicated to “chick flicks.” Amira and Sam stuck with Kim after the screening and she was disappointed to see it wasn’t screening in Minneapolis. With a few exceptions the film is playing exclusively at Drafthouse Cinemas. She believe in the film so much that she decided to bring the film here herself.

Amira and Sam is screening to a sold-out crowd on January 29th at Marcus Rosemount Cinema. Flynn hopes attendees will carry the film’s name out into social media and help spread the word about what she feels is a special movie. Amira and Sam follows returning war vet Sam (Martin Starr) as he adjusts to life back home. Soon after he falls for Amira (Dina Shihabi), an Iraqi immigrant. Complications force both of them into a difficult decision as Amira faces deportation.

Flynn was inspired by the film’s rare look at a war vet adjusting to life without the trauma often associated with veterans. According to her, the film gathers in many issues and presents them with comedy and drama. Though it was her interest in actor Paul Wesley (Charlie) that got her to see the film, she was struck by the phenomenal acting among all the leads. 

As the debate over American Sniper burns through the Internet, the timing for this screening is perfect. Audiences may find this down-to-Earth and complicated film a refreshing diversion from all the earnest anger around that war film. The problems in Amira and Sam can’t be solved with a sniper rifle, and writer/director Sean Mullin has created a potent mixture of humor and drama to break down these complicated issues in a form that will play well on “Girlie Night”. 

Screening info here.