Alternative media from and about Burma


The Burmese government has tried to shut down the internet. Some blogs have been blocked. A few still get through. From one of the remaining blogs: “Today morning 11:30 am in Burma time this is how they come out and try to kill people.”

“In Burma, security forces used batons, tear gas and live rounds in a violent crackdown on mass protests against the military junta. Up to eight people have been killed, including five Buddhist monks.” Democracy Now, 9/27/09

Burma Digest reported September 18 on a demonstration by Karen (Burmese) people in St. Paul, “to denounce 19 years illegitimate rule by military regime in Burma, and also to demand release of all political prisoners in Burma.”

“The courage of our peacefull people( this is now happening in downtown in YGN 14;10 27.09.07)

“3 men were shooted
one is already dead
in Sule there are only people
they are shooting in the group
but never run away the people
NOW” Blog from Burma

“Thursday’s protests follow reports of overnight raids on six monasteries. According to witnesses soldiers smashed windows and doors and beat the sleeping monks. Some escaped but as many as 500 hundred monks were taken away in military trucks. Two members of the National League for Democracy, the party led by Aung San Suu Kyi, were also arrested overnight. A hotel in which foreign journalists have been staying in Rangoon has also been surrounded and ransacked.”Democracy Now, 9/27/09

“[A United Nations] mission should act to resolve the human rights crisis and avert the risk of further violence and bloodshed. The Council should also consider the possibility of imposing an arms embargo and to address the dire human rights situation in Myanmar. The peaceful mass demonstrations taking place compare in scale to those in 1988, when security forces broke up massive pro-democracy demonstrations with deadly violence, killing thousands.” Amnesty International Take Action Alert

Burma time 16;12

“To all folk, it is really bad in YGN, pLs can someone do something for our country, now inside YGN it has been look like War Zone, i even heard stooting over the phone. it is over 50 shots, right now. but people are not giving up to protest and more and more people coming out to street.” Blog from Burma