After a long day and tuff commute? Artisan bread and cheeses from Wisconsin


Tonight’s nearly two-hour commute on icy roads left me with a dull headache. Hearing my husband Dave’s warm hello helped a lot when I pulled into the garage. The full remedy, however, waited in the cool root cellar – a package of handcrafted “medicine” from one of the Midwest’s premier cheese shops, Fromagination (Madison, WI).

To be honest, artisan bread, cheese and wine constitute one of my favorite meals. Especially when the ingredients are local. I love blue cheeses, and Dunbarton Blue, from the Roelli Cheese Company (Shullsburg, WI) was smooth and sharp, tangy and terrific with the cranberry relish by quince&apple (Madison, WI).

The award-winning Pleasant Ridge Reserve by Uplands Cheese Company (Dodgeville, WI) is milder, I think younger, and tasty with slices of fresh red apple from the root cellar.

Dried cherries, Wisconsin parmesan black pepper crackers (made especially for Fromagination by Potter’s Crackers), and a slice of my own French sage sourdough complemented the cheeses. Medoc filled my glass. Roasted spiced pecans made by Treat Bake Shop (Milwaukee, WI) added a sweet note between the dairy and dried fruit. A couple of small squares of dark chocolate topped with salt and nuts made for a delicious and bright finish (from chocolatier Gail Ambrosius, Madison, WI).

A delicious meal, wonderful company, and a low fire glowing. Ahhh!

What headache?

I hope you enjoyed good food and company this evening. Stay warm.