Advise and Dissent: Tate Pashibin


What would you like to tell president-elect Barack Obama? Advise and Dissent features opinions on what the new president should be thinking and doing. This opinion came from Your Turn — Teens advise the next president on what youth need.

Money for schools: One of the best things the president could do for America’s youth is to make sure that schools are getting all the funding that they need, without raising the local taxes too much. Looking at Southwest Senior High, there currently are way too many students in each class. Many classes have 40 or more students and this can overwhelm teachers and leave students unnoticed and not getting the attention needed for a quality education … During “B Lunch,” many teens have realized that there was no more food to be eaten … Hungry teenagers are not a pretty sight, and … can cause students to be distracted in classes and fall behind. — Tate Pashibin, 14, Southwest Senior High