Advise and Dissent: Sparkle Jones


What would you like to tell president-elect Barack Obama? Advise and Dissent features opinions on what the new president should be thinking and doing. This opinion came from Your Turn — Teens advise the next president on what youth need.

Abortion: I believe taking away a woman’s right to abortion is taking away her freedom. There are diverse reasons why abortion is the best option. There may be rape; few people want a reminder of a traumatic event. There may also be financial issues; many women just can’t afford children. Additionally, women with weak emotional states frequently turn to alcohol and drugs and this dependency leads to abuse and/or neglect of her kids … If a woman makes this call, or wants the option to make this call, why do people pass judgment? Hard decisions are based on beliefs and if you make a decision based on what you believe, then everyone should both accept and respect your decision. — Sparkle Jones, 17, Humboldt High School