NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | 3rd Precinct Property Court Watch Meeting


The 3rd Precinct Property Crimes Courtwatch meeting took place on March 12 as normally scheduled. CPS Sue Roethele chaired the meeting in the absence of Marcy Tollefson.

CPS Shun Tillman started off the meeting with comments on how helpful the impact statements are in obtaining useful sentences after a suspect is apprehended. He also confirmed once again that calling 911 is the best thing residents can do by citing an example where a neighbor saw a stranger at the back door of a nearby house and knew the house was unoccupied. The police came and caught the burglar in the act of stealing items from the house.

Paul Scoggin, asst Hennepin County attorney, reviewed the cases that had been chosen for Court Watch focus, filling in some background detail.

Following that, Gail Baez, managing senior attorney, gave a survey of drug court history and informed the meeting how drug courts now work. She went into some detail about how the drug court sorts out who is a useful case for drug court and who may not be referred to drug court. There is a long list of disqualifying facts in a case that would prevent an accused of going through drug court. Drug court is basically an alternate pipeline for people who aren’t dangerous or repeat offenders. It can be a way to provide a pathway out of lifetime drug use and all the associated consequences of that.

The commander of the 3rd precinct finished the meeting with an endorsement of Court Watch by citing the turnaround is property crimes in her precinct. The meeting adjourned with the next one scheduled for May 14 at the same venue.

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