38th Street and plans for renewal


2 thoughts on “38th Street and plans for renewal

  1. The West of the Rail Business Association, in partnership with PPNA and the Bancroft Neighborhood Association conducted a Market Study Analysis of the 38th and Bloomington business node last year. The study was completed by Ryan Pesch at the U of M Extension Department. You can see the results on our website at http://www.westoftherail.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/38th-and-Bloomington-Market-Profile-Report.pdf

    38th Street to the East is experiencing quite a bit of revitalization. It would be nice to see that happening further west also.

  2. I find it interesting that the analysis didn’t include (or appear to–at least I didn’t see it) any mention of Tiny Diner at 38th Street and 11th Avenue. It fits the local/organic/fresh/healthy profile that people say they want and it’s almost always packed–clearly very popular. They also have a beer/wine license. The owners took a very unpromising site that had seen one failure after another and created a destination restaurant.
    I live right on the border of the survey area and did not receive one, but I would love to see a bar/pub with limited but imaginative menu where I could meet friends after work or drop by in the evening for special events like trivia, game board night, a group HBO series watch night, etc. A coffee shop with a large book lending library would also be great.

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