2013 Haunted Basement: Soap Factory announces dates, prepares to open ticket sales


It seems like the summer’s barely started, but already the cold winds of autumn are starting to blow through Marcy-Holmes, where the Soap Factory has just announced the dates for its annual Haunted Basement attraction. This year’s Haunted Basement will be open from October 3 through November 3.

In a crowded market for Halloween scares, the Soap Factory has distinguished itself by turning its spookhouse into a collaboratively-created art installation that’s completely different each year. Last year, director Noah Bremer brought a new dose of theatricality to the proceedings; Bremer will return to direct the Haunted Basement again this year. New this year are “test subject” tickets—for those daring to experience the Haunted Basement completely alone—and a Spooky Speakeasy for those who need a drink at the end of the experience.

The Haunted Basement has become a major revenue source for the nonprofit art gallery; each year, nearly all available tickets sell out quickly, so buying early is a must. This year, visits to the deep will cost $25 on weekdays and $27 on Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets go on sale August 1 at the gallery’s website.

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