11,806 pages of files related to Marv Davidov, according to the FBI


On February 22nd, PRM filed a FOIA request with the Federal Bureau of Investigation related to deceased Twin Cities political activist Marvin (“Marv”) Davidov. During his life, Davidov had been active in the “Honeywell Project,” a long-term protest enterprise aimed at ending the production of various armaments manufactured by Twin Cities defense contractors.

In the 1980s, Davidov was involved in a lawsuit that sought his FBI files, along with those of other Twin Cities political activists. The lawsuit ended in a settlement agreement that resulted in the disclosure of some Davidov-related FBI records.

PRM’s 2012 FOIA request sought “all documents produced or held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation related to Minneapolis resident Marvin Allen Davidov,” in order to provide a more full public accounting of Davidov’s history – including the sum total of his interactions with the FBI. In a letter dated September 7, 2012, David Hardy of the FBI responded to our request, and notified us that the agency currently holds “approximately 11,806 pages” of documents that are potentially relevant to our request. Hardy also provided us with an estimate of copying costs, and noted that costs could be lower if the agency invoked FOIA exemptions to withhold any documents.

PRM has replied to the FBI, and is seeking copies of the full set of responsive documents. Watch this space for more information on our Davidov file request as we receive it.