10-year-old pepper-sprayed by Minneapolis Police during downtown protest


A 10-year old boy was among protestors subjected to spraying of a harsh chemical irritant by a Minneapolis Police Department officer Wednesday night. About 100 people took to the streets in downtown Minneapolis, marching in support of Tony Robinson, killed in March by a Madison, WI police officer. The street protest was to show solidarity for protesters in Madison, WI who are angry that a police officer would be charged for the killing of a 19-year-old man.

Social media videos capture scenes of a police officer spraying protestors. Outraged, some protestors and community members are demanding action be taken against the officer.

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3 thoughts on “10-year-old pepper-sprayed by Minneapolis Police during downtown protest

  1. When Mace was first produced, it was touted as something very strong and which police would only use in the most dire circumstances – not for routine crowd control. The video in this case made it look like the officer was almost having fun spraying them, but I wasn’t there. They were not in the course of attacking the officer, as far as I could see. I think they were doing some form of civil disobedience without property damage ot violence. Or were they charging toward the officer? They might have to make sure every officer knows what to do until back-up arrives, in a case where the crowd doesn’t appear to be committing violence.

    • As someone who was there, that pretty much describes the reason he maced us. He had no remorse for what he did.

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