COMMUNITY VOICES | Time to get serious about educating Minnesota’s Latino students

When I read stories about the achievement gap between Latino and non-Latino students, stories such as this one, which outlines a huge disparity in high school graduation rates, many questions come to mind. Why are Latino students falling behind and graduating less prepared than their peers? What can I do to help empower Latino parents?No one can claim to have a perfect solution or answer, but last month I heard many great ideas discussed at a parent engagement conference for the Latino community hosted by the Minnesota Department of Education. One topic that really stood out was the need for everyone to analyze equity in our schools. We need to make sure all parents have high quality information about their child’s education. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | How one veteran continues to make a difference for her community

As we recognize all veterans and active duty military for their service, the best way to honor them is to remember what they fought for. I was privileged to serve my state and country as part of the Minnesota Army National Guard. Throughout my time, which included a deployment to Iraq, I met many individuals who took on tough challenges with a tremendous amount of tenacity and pride. They did this work so we could all have an opportunity to chase the American dream.Central to this dream is the promise that all children have the opportunity to receive a high quality education. After all, an exceptional country most certainly demands an exceptional education system. Continue Reading