African ingredients for American tastes at Afro Deli and Coffee

With the release of our most recent report, Building Cross-cultural Commerce, Minnesota 2020 is highlighting ways we should reach out to new Minnesotans, immigrants, and refugees to continue new economic development avenues that keep consumer dollars local.We visited the African Development Center in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, which is doing exciting work to enhance financial literacy, business development, and home ownership. The Afro Deli & Coffee shop is the ADC’s business venture startup, which serves East-African food with an American perspective. Continue Reading

National Park Service and Friends of the Mississippi River issue Mississippi River report card

The health of the Mississippi River is improving. However there are new threats from urban and farm runoff and invasive species that we must combat in the coming years. Those are the results released today from a comprehensive National Park Service-Friends of the Mississippi River report.Read the full report here and check their stewardship guide here to find out what you can do. Continue Reading

More risk, less reward for labor

We saw it in Wisconsin, Ohio, up in sugar beet country, and last summer’s government shutdown. The Midwest has become a battleground for a war of ideas: Community vs. privatization, competition vs. cooperation.

Macalester College professor of history Peter Rachleff has had an eye on changing trends in global economics stemming from events close to home.

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