One myth about taxes

by Michael Rodning Bash • 11/8/08 • Throughout the closing days of this grueling campaign season it was inevitable that one side would start hammering away on taxes, taxes and more taxes. At the national level, Senator McCain claimed that Senator Obama’s plan to raise taxes on wealthier individuals amounted to “redistributionism” (as far as I know, a new word in our political lexicon) and more pointedly accused the Democrat of “socialism,” as if a system of progressive taxation were the equivalent of collectivized industry and agriculture. Continue Reading

Some thoughts on this November 4 and another Joe from Ohio

by Michael Rodning Bash • 11/7/08 • November 4, 2008 is now a part of history. The United States has elected Barack Hussein Obama as this nation’s first African-American President. This campaign and this November 4 have been among the most moving experiences of my life, experiences that will live in my mind until memory fails. Continue Reading

Economic turmoil: Who’s to blame?

by Hannah Schoenecker • 11/3/08 • For the past year or so, we have all been bombarded by one negative campaign ad after another, and if any of them have even a shred of truth to it, I’m not so sure I want Obama or McCain running my country. On Tuesday, the United States of America will sit on the edge of being plunged into a new era of economic policies. These policies will be—so they say—geared towards resurrecting what remains of our economy. Continue Reading

Hope for tomorrow

by David Doody • 10/31/08 • The hope, optimism and resilience of 5th and 6th grade students in North Minneapolis inspires political participation.

While I hear many things that should assuage my fears about Tuesday, I am still nervous.

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Why you should not vote for McCain

by Mehr Jay Shahidi • 11/1/08 • I don’t mean to show off. But, I was right about George W. Bush.

And, I strongly believe I am now right about McCain.

My observation on U.S. foreign policy:

In Fall of 2000 and again in Fall of 2004, I called my relatives, friends and others all over the United States and other countries begging them not to vote for W. I failed. Because even the majority of Moslem Americans, Arab Americans and, overwhelmingly, Iranian Americans voted for him in 2000.
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Vote yes on the 2008 Minneapolis School Referendum: The power to make the change we need

by Education Equity Organizing Collaborative • 10/28/08 • You can improve the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Let us state upfront, the legacy of education in the Minneapolis Public School system is rife with segregation, litigation and inequality for communities of color. Today, the Minneapolis Public School System (MPS) is the second most diverse in the state. African-American students alone comprise 39.6% of the Minneapolis Public School district’s student population. 52% of Special Education students are also African-American. Continue Reading

News flash…McCain and Palin are Republicans!

by Myles Spicer • 10/17/08 • Surprised? Why not? Both these candidates are obviously trying to disengage themselves from not only George Bush, but also anything that even has the faint scent of “Bush-iness”, GOP, or Republicanism. McCain in the last debate clearly stated that if Obama wanted to run against Bush, he should have done so four years ago. Frankly, I wish Obama would have retorted, “No, John, that is not necessary…I am running against him here and now, because you are his surrogate”.

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Looking into the “soul” of the Republican Party

by Myles Spicer, 10/8/08 • In 2001, President Bush met with Vladimir Putin, and exclaimed: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.” Well, Thursday, Oct. 2, I watched the Vice Presidential debate, and looked into Sarah Palin’s eyes, and saw the “soul” of the Republican Party. It wasn’t as pretty as the “soul” Bush saw in Putin (which turned out to be pretty dark).

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