FREE SPEECH ZONE | Stop Shop & Nosh Local

Happy Holidays, y’all! Great finds to be “got” are available in Uptown. That’s not at your corporate-franchises that line the Hennepin Avenue, Lake Street corridor. Well, not to our liking.

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World class cities, world class streets

Walking in at the end of the World Class Streets for a World Class City, Event I (there were three) sponsored by Transit for Livable Communities (TLC) and the Urban Land Institute, I felt like I’d missed the most “massively awesome” progressive transit summit of our time. Continue Reading

Getting your spring cleaning on, from A to Z

“What do I know about spring cleaning? Only that it should be thorough, you know? Complete.” Here’s where my dear husband, Chad’s voice got tighter, higher and cracked from strain. 
Confession time: I suck at being a homemaker. So, to keep our happy home going, this green-loving, meeting-going, liberal trophy wife turned to local resources for help on de-mystifying cleaning. Continue Reading

Run, Rena, run

A girlfriend sent me an e-mail last week and I was blown away.  Attached to the message was a press release heralding an historic opportunity. And I’m invited to attend its kick-off event. Intrigued? I was too. You see, a woman who has surmounted agonizing events, a mother and community organizer announced her run for State Representative office in her St. Paul district of 65A. Continue Reading

Our last hurrah

I had a chill while reading to the girls tonight. So cold. After putting them to bed, I padded downstairs to do dishes and watch the Colbert Report. While fumbling with the remote, the house phone rang. It was the evening nurse, and she wanted to confirm if my mother had a change to her Healthcare Directive. I immediately assumed the worst. Continue Reading