COMMUNITY VOICES | Finding hope in a time of apocalypse

Attending a movie recently, my husband and I noted that most of the previews for upcoming films featured dystopian movies – stories where the planet or the human race is threatened with annihilation and a few brave heroes are charged with saving the day. On TV, it isn’t much better, what with zombies on “The Walking Dead,” or the militia taking over a darkened planet on “Revolution.”  What’s with the apocalypse showing up everywhere these days?Maybe it’s just a hangover from the 2012 Mayan calendar predictions. Then again, maybe you saw the movie Chasing Ice about the disappearing polar ice cap?  Or, perhaps you’ve listened to MPR’s Climate Cast where they provide, “…the latest research on our changing climate and the consequences we’re seeing here in Minnesota and worldwide.”  Maybe you read Bill McKibbon’s Rolling Stone article last summer, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math – Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe.”Truth be told, I was feeling pretty apocalyptic myself this past winter when I ran across an article by Chris Hedges entitled, “Stand Still for the Apocalypse.” According to a report commissioned by the World Bank, if we don’t respond aggressively to climate change, we can look forward to widespread hunger and starvation; an explosion of diseases such as malaria, cholera and dengue fever; devastating heat waves, droughts, and floods; disappearing forests and coral reefs, mass plant and animal extinctions; and the overall widespread collapse of human institutions and systems of law and order.What scares me most is the growing consensus of how little time we have to turn things around. Paul Guilding in his article, “Victory at Hand for the Climate Movement” writes, “This is no longer about the future, it’s about now. We don’t have 20 years to decide to act; we have 20 years to complete the task. Continue Reading