Community gardens open gates for visits on August 6 in Twin Cities and beyond

Mark your calendars for Saturday August 6, 2011 to visit a Twin Cities garden at Community Garden Day. More than 35 gardens in the Twin Cities and suburbs and a few others in greater Minnesota will be hosting open houses to showcase their community gardens. Formerly known as the “Parade of Community Gardens,” the name has been changed this year to reduce confusion and reflect the open house, festivity-laden celebration each garden will have. Some feature food, others music or arts and crafts, and all offer conversation with gardeners.“We want communities to know that gardening is more than just a hobby,” said Nadia Berneche, Program Director of Gardening Matters, the non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals create and sustain community gardens and sponsor of this event.Community gardening has a long history in Minnesota, but its popularity has increased the last several years. Gardening Matters offers this definition of a community garden:A community garden is any space where plants are grown and maintained by a community to meet the needs of that community.Community gardens provide opportunities to grow food, to share traditions between cultures and generations, to create habitable environments, and most importantly to build community.In the last five years, Gardening Matters has helped over 2000 people start community gardens. Continue Reading