Arts, music, and a giant lizard

What the heck is that huge bright green spotted lizard doing in a field, you ask? That’s sculpture, silly, by artist Mary Johnson, and it doubles as a concession stand. And the smiling, beguiling “Lizard Lounge” is not even the half of it. To see the rest, pack up your friends, your kids, and/or your dogs this Saturday and venture to Franconia Sculpture Park (FSP)—located near Taylors Falls in the St. Croix River Valley—for the park’s freewheeling annual outdoor arts and music festival. Continue Reading

Art note: Northeast Minneapolis home becomes surreal gallery for a night

Even with the nonstop Stars and Stripes hoopla of the long Independence Day weekend, for the local art cognoscenti there was only one spot to be on the night of Saturday, July 5th: an innocuous, working class home located at 2531 Quincy Street N.E. in Minneapolis. However, any preconceptions of normalcy were dashed upon arrival. Maybe it was the faux picket fence and the purple velvet ropes on stanchions defining the dark sidewalk approach. Or maybe it was the light projection of a London theater marquee announcing a 1978 David Bowie concert—audio intact—that flickered eerily across the structure’s façade, throwing fence and rope into high contrast. Or maybe it was the slot belching a torrent of mail that buried much of the porch. Continue Reading