Neighborhood Notes: Westgate LRT station sparks community photo walk

On Wednesday, July 31st neighbors around the new Westgate LRT station gathered to photograph the neighborhood and highlight their community attractions. The new station kiosks will house neighborhood descriptions and photos from local residents; these neighborhood descriptions are left up to the community to determine. In St. Anthony Park, neighbors decided they would prefer photos to a written description, and the photowalk on August 31st was the first step to start collecting photos. These photos will be included in the kiosk on a rotating basis.The full photo album is available for viewing on flickr here; Neighbors are invited to submit more photos – contact if you’re interested in adding to the collection. Continue Reading

Walking tour explores no-cars-allowed Milwaukee Avenue in Minneapolis

Milwaukee Avenue is considered historically significant, with specific guidelines for restoration and rehab. Houses were originally built to hold a single working family, with many built with Queen Anne styling. Where there was once a two-way street, a walking path now acts as the throughway. No cars are allowed on Milwaukee Avenue. Thirty people gathered Saturday July 20th to explore Milwaukee Avenue on a Preserve Minneapolis Tour. Bob Roscoe led the walking tour, charming the crowd with his delivery of detailed historical information and quick witty asides.Reporting for this article supported in part by Bush Foundation. Continue Reading

Metro IBA kicks off Celebrate your Independents month

For the fourth year in a row, the Metro Independent Business Alliance (IBA) is offering a month-long promotion this July, calling on residents of the Twin Cities to “Celebrate Your Independents” by shopping locally. Twenty-five Metro IBA members have offered discounts for the month of July. Customers will receive a code from each shop when they patronize it. These codes can be entered online, and at the end of the month two winners each will receive $1250 in gift certificates.The kickoff event was hosted by Magers and Quinn, one of the participating retailers. The crowd was an array of folks from participating businesses, IBA member businesses, sponsors, and Metro IBA board members. Continue Reading

NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | New location for Mosaic on a Stick

The Hamline Midway store and studio Mosiac on a Stick has moved from Snelling Avenue to a new location at 1564 Lafond Avenue.  This neighborhood establishment now occupies the old Hamline Park building, with a full floor of supplies and studio space upstairs, and classroom space downstairs. This historic building was slated for demolition due to underuse, but now homes the warm and welcoming shop, with bright colors on everywall and a very friendly staff.  The store offers a wide variety of mosaic and sculpture materials, as well as access to the studio space for a small fee. For those interested in learning new skills, Mosaic on a Stick offers classes in handmade glass, mosaic, sculpture, and more, open to any skill level.Materials for creating a Mosaic on a StickHave you noticed the artistically improved planters along Snelling Avenue in the Midway neighborhood? Meet the woman behind the work: Lori Greene is the owner of Mosaic on a Stick, as well as a Hamline Midway resident. Continue Reading