COMMUNITY VOICES | Grassroots pressure crucial to Xcel’s environmental credentials

While sitting through the August 1, 2013 public hearing at city hall on authorization of a community owned utility, I noticed the sticker that the opponents of the resolution were wearing was “don’t mess with success”The irony is that much of the success that Xcel takes credit for is actually a result of the success of people-powered grassroots efforts like Minneapolis Energy Options. Minneapolis Energy Options has already had a success of its own in reaching an unprecedented memorandum of understanding with our gas utility Centerpoint in preparation for franchise renegotiations next year.I have a personal story to tell to make this point. Working for the Minneapolis Energy Options campaign is deja vu to my life because I have prior experience in Colorado working for a successful ballot initiative that Xcel was also campaigning against. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to get a renewable energy portfolio standard though the state legislature, clean energy advocates took advantage of the citizen’s petition process. I personally helped gather enough signatures to put the initiative onto the ballot as Amendment 37. Continue Reading