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Do you have a talent or skill you’re willing to show and tell in the neighborhood? Do you have five or more people you know that would sign up to take a class of yours? Corcoran Park is ALWAYS interested in more programming from Corcoran residents. Call or stop by if you or someone you know may have a programming idea.

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Sad the World Cup is over? Support your local FOOTBALL!!

Despite the evils of FIFA, there is nothing like the World Cup. It is and always will be the greatest and most popular sporting event in the world. Nobody should have to wait another four years to get their football/soccer fix, and the good news is there is no wait. With footy now more available in the U.S. than ever before between the Premier League broadcasts on NBC, MLS (Major League Soccer) on ESPN, Liga Mexicana on Univision, the Bundesliga on Fox coming in 2015, not to mention accessing whatever league you want online, you can fill your plate easily. While it’s great to watch on TV, nothing beats singing and screaming your heart out at a live professional match. So come support your Loons, The Minnesota United.

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OPINION | World Cup: World sport, world language, and Hexa Brasil!

As a devout Muslim would proclaim his or her faith, similarly I say: “There is only one sport and its name is football…real football.” Yes, I mean “soccer.” I’m a sport snob. I don’t apologize for it, because there are billions that make up the majority of humans on this planet that agree with me. While soccer still may not be at the top of the favorite sport list in the U.S., it is fast moving up, considering where it was only a few decades ago. Continue Reading