Appreciating and utilizing our freedom

As much as we welcome the recent revolutions in parts of the Arab world, we need to acknowledge an important fact: Revolutions are no fun. Although they are necessary at times in order to correct rampant tyranny and corruption, it’s better not to ever have to resort to them. Continue Reading

Reflections on a senior center

Before I walked into the senior center, I did not know what to expect. I never really interacted with the elderly much. I never got the chance to see my grandparents and most of the old people I encountered were usually my dad’s acquaintances. I would let my dad do the talking in those situations because I never felt like I had to interact with them. Continue Reading

My New Year’s resolution

New Year’s resolutions frequently seem to involve putting an end to an embarrassing aspect of one’s life. I am no exception and I have a long list of resolutions for many new years to come. I need to eat healthier, because it is embarrassing that I seem to consume more cheese than water. Continue Reading

On body scans and pat downs

My family and I will be going on vacation in a few weeks.  But rather than looking forward to the trip, I’m actually nervous about navigating airport security.  My anxiety has little to do with my fear of a terrorist attack mind you, although that remains a real concern.  I’m mostly concerned with the intrusiveness we Muslims face when going through airports these days.

Continue Reading

A profile in courage

The very mention of the word “mother” conjures up images of love, compassion, safety, serenity, and courage. I would like to write about a mother who, against great odds, is an epitome of courage and tenacity.

Valerie Shirley, a mother of four, received the 2010 Rose Phillips Award from the Courage Center this September at a ceremony at the Earle Brown Heritage Center. Continue Reading