COMMUNITY VOICES | Open letter: MFT board must seek to be more inclusive

by Kaitlin Lindsey, Minneapolis Public School TeacherThe arrival of ballots in the inboxes of Minneapolis Federation of Teachers members can mean only one thing: another union election is upon us, and with it, the chance to make our voices as classroom educators heard. The union election presents an all too rare opportunity for us to reach out to leadership, knowing that what we have to say will be taken to heart. As such, we are writing this open letter to the next President of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, whomever she may be, to express our hopes for the next two years.Active member engagement must be the key goal for the next MFT President. Too many teachers do not actively work within the union, and do not feel that it represents them. An engaged membership strengthens the union’s ability to meet our shared goals, elevating our profession and improving student achievement. Continue Reading