COMMUNITY VOICES | Fight for a $15 per hour minimum wage: Next steps

I am a candidate for the Minneapolis School Board, citywide seeking Green Party endorsement.I am a School Board Candidate with a political agenda. To boil it done, politics is about who gets what and how. Instead of a war on poverty, there has been a war on the poor going on for the past 40 years. The rich are getting richer at the expense of more than 90% of the population, and at the expense of nature. There is no alternative to more of the same within the framework of the Democratic and Republican parties. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Dismissal of Lawsuit for a stadium vote in Minneapolis appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court

         On July 16, 2013, I filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court to enforce a provision of the Minneapolis City Charter that requires a referendum for the use of more than $10 million in “city resources” to build and operate a professional sports facility. In May 2012, the Minneapolis City Council, on a 7 to 6 vote approved Article 3 of the Stadium Act, a piece of special legislation which authorized the City to impose local option sales taxes to raise money for the Vikings Stadium project. The local sales tax revenues will be used to repay $150 million in state issued appropriation bonds for construction of the stadium, plus at least $7.5 million dollars per year for capital and operating funds.        The City attorney argued that the sales tax revenues were not “city resources,” and even if they are, the legislature can enact laws that over-ride the City Charter.  The Stadium Act, Article 3, section 4, states that the sales tax revenues are deemed to not be “city resources” within the meaning of any law or charter provision that requires a referendum. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Doug Mann of the Green Party is a mayoral candidate

I am endorsed by the New Progressive Alliance, and support its platform. City
Council member Cam Gordon also sought and received the NPA endorsement. Last
year I stood for election to the Minneapolis School Board, advanced to the
general election and obtained 31,300 votes, about 25% of the total vote, with
endorsements from the NPA, the Green Party, Democratic Socialists of America,
and Lavender Greens (the LGBTIQ caucus of the Green Party). I am fighting for a stadium referendum this fall. On July 16, 2013, I filed a
petition for a writ of mandamus with the District Court, seeking an order
commanding the City Council to hold a Vikings Stadium referendum. Continue Reading