OPINION | The hungry insurgent: Foraging and urban gardening as remedy for industrial agriculture

This past April, when most gardens still looked like dirt, we were already enjoying green salads picked from our yard. The salads were made from the young leaves of a basswood tree, grape vine, a few dandelion leaves, plantain (a common weed) and a few early sprigs of lettuce from a raised bed in my front yard. With a little salad dressing on top, it was a tasty celebration of early spring.

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E-DEMOCRACY | Report on Minneapolis City Council stadium hearing: “We are screwed”

I would love to be able to report how many people attended, how many were male and how many female, as I have done before in these reports. Given the configuration of the Intergovernmental Relations sub-committee with the Committee of the Whole, this is impossible. The Council room was full, with a good number of people watching in a room across the hall and quite a few more in the hall itself.What I can say is just for the Council room itself: 49 men to 17 women at 4 p.m. exactly, with an estimated dozen journalists and press photographers. All 13 council members were present, as was the mayor, and the city attorney. Various other city employees were seated in the audience and several were called on to present expert testimony. Continue Reading

The hungry insurgent

Are you one of those folks who believes that the hard times are still ahead, that the mayor is going to get you to pay for a new billion-dollar sports palace, that the Congress is going to buy you

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