This Opportunity for Health Care Reform Cannot Be Missed

For more than 25 years, the Citizens League has pushed for market reform through meaningful competition and universal access in the delivery of medical care. In 2006, we co-chaired a Citizens League study committee on medical facilities that independently reached some of the same conclusions as a 1981 Citizens League committee: namely that escalating health care costs in are the result of a dysfunctional market and ineffective regulation. Our most important conclusion in 2006 was that we must build the proper information system for a market to function in medical care. Based on this work, the Citizens League contributed to the Governor’s Health Care Transformation Task Force. (Executive director Sean Kershaw was a member.) Legislation has been introduced — based on the Task Force work — that is focused on a comprehensive approach to health care reform, one that doesn’t just address state law and regulation, but also identifies what providers, other organizations and citizens need to do to transform the health care system. Continue Reading