Vote yes twice on Minneapolis city charter amendments

Most election years, I like to take a look at some of the more obscure votes at the bottom of the ballot. It seems like the farther down on the ballot we go, the more direct influence those votes have on our lives. And yet we tend to be the least informed on these issues, and we give them the least regard.


Dylan, Spider John, and the Purple Onion

I got to know Saint Paul and I got to know Bob Dylan because I got to know Bill Danielson. Bill owned the Pink Pizza Shack at Hiawatha and Lake in Minneapolis. In 1957 it was a hangout for me and my friends. Bill and his wife, MaryAnn, did pretty well there, but he wanted to be in Saint Paul, his hometown. He sold the Pizza Shack to brothers Duane and Lonnie Anderson, who changed the name to Dulono’s.


GLOBAL GROCERIES | Looking to cook Southern? Mary Hall has the greens and beans

(Photo by Stephanie Fox) Mary Hall packs up an order for another returning customer.

It can be hard to find the fixings to make southern style food up here in the Northstar State, but if you want to cook like those who live at the other end of the Mississippi River, look to Mary Hall. Hall has been selling southern style foodstuffs at the Minneapolis Farmers Market since 2006, when she and her husband Lester inherited their stall from Lester’s father, Bill Hall, one of the few Black farmers in Minnesota. Along with the market stall, Mary Hall inherited a passion for southern style cuisine. She soon expanded the stall’s inventory beyond blueberries and greens to include specialty peas, beans, lentils and rice.


IGGERS DIGEST | Curry Diva Heather Jansz brings curried lutefisk and other delights to Our Kitchen

I was kind of blown away to find out that Heather Jansz is doing a weekly pop-up at Our Kitchen, a little breakfast and burger joint in my neighborhood. She's there most Wednesday nights, except for one week a month when she does a more elaborate dinner - "a romantic and sensual evening of sexy food and fun with Heather," on Friday night instead.  The cozy little diner at 36th and Bryant is better known for its hash browns and pancakes than burgers than for Sri Lankan lamb rotis and shrimp curries.


Cookie Cart back in business

(Photo by Brandi Phillips)

Fun, exciting and historical: Those are three words to describe the restoration and reopening of the Cookie Cart. As previously stated, the Cookie Cart has a long history in the connected community of North Minneapolis. On Sept. 18, the Cookie Cart reopened its door after several months of restructuring.


SUPPERTIME | Fika's secret culinary weapon

Suppertime is a blog in comics form, exploring local restaurants, bars and other food establishments in and around the Twin Cities. I eat, I talk, I draw.


IGGERS DIGEST | Saigon Uptown: Last of the old-time Vietnamese

I tried to tell the two sisters who run the Saigon Uptown that they need to raise their prices. "We know," one of them replied, "but we're too busy." Which seems a little odd, since whenever I have visited, it has been nearly empty. Instead, they have put a little note inside their menu, advising customers that all the listed prices have been raised by 50 cents. So pork with ginger and garlic sauce really costs $6.75, and the chicken with pineapples cost $7.


Se aproxima el cierre de la temporada con la llegada del otoño

Creámoslo o no, el otoño ha llegado y la temporada del Mercado de Granjeros de Midtown se está acercando a su fin con el comienzo de la caída de las hojas y la caída de las temperaturas. Al adentrarnos en octubre, nos quedan sólo cuatro mercados sabatinos y cuatro mercados de los martes en esta temporada 2014. Aunque la temporada del mercado está apagándose, habrá todavía fantásticos artículos disponibles en el mercado y suficientes actividades para que vengan y disfruten. Asegúrense de almacenar verduras frescas y locales para enlatar en vinagre, y no se pierdan nuestras últimas oportunidades para disfrutar el mercado y visitar con amigos, vecinos y a nuestros comerciantes fabulosos antes del cierre de la temporada.


Share the Harvest: Donate locally-grown produce to families in need

Share the harvest is a CNO program allowing gardeners and farmer’s market shoppers to contribute locally-grown produce to Sisters’ Camelot, a reputable local organization that offers free produce and free meals to hungry Minneapolis residents through its colorful mobile food share bus.

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