Your Facebook vote will pick winning Twin Cities historic site


Twin Cities residents can select their favorite historic places from a list of 25 metro-area sites. The site that receives the most votes will win major funding provided by American Express, and the remainder will then be given to “a number of other sites” after they have been reviewed by American Express, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and an advisory committee. Votes can be cast through October 12.

In order to vote, participants go to the Partners in Preservation’s Facebook page and click on the “Like” button. As of September 30, nearly 21,000 people have done so. After that, a number of locations throughout Saint Paul and Minneapolis can be selected from an interactive map. Each site features information on when it was built and where it is located. Also, the description features an “About”-section in which the site briefly is described and a “Need”-section in which the “needs” of the site – the reasons they are in need of funding – are listed.

The Twin Cities area has been selected as the newest location for the “Partners in Preservation” program. American Express is pledging $10 million to preserve several historic places throughout the United States. The program, launched in 2006, is a five-year collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, designed to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of preserving historic sites and cultural places. Another goal is to “inspire long-term support” from local citizens for these historic sites. With the Twin Cities area being spread across seven metropolitan areas, it is the sixth location to participate. The previous locations were San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston and Seattle.

Top 25 vie for your votes — and for Partners in Preservation funding
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Official page

Here are the sites and places taking part in the program:


In the Twin Cities area, some very prominent sites are taking part in the program, along with some that are not as well-known. Saint Paul’s Landmark Center, the Fitzgerald Theatre, Christ Lutheran Church on Baptist Hill and the Czech and Slovak CSPS Hall are among the St. Paul contestants. In Minneapolis, the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, Mill Ruins Park and the Basilica of Saint Mary are a few of the sites. Sites in the surrounding counties include: The Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts, the Washington County Historic Courthouse and the Waterford Iron Bridge.
Hundreds of project proposals were reviewed before the list of 25 participating sites was chosen. All are non-profit organizations or government agencies and all completed formal grant applications. The applicants were then reviewed for their historic significance, their accessibility to the public, and evidence that a “coherent and sustainable” preservation plan exists.