Your economic outlook still bleak? Blame Wisconsin


Consider this economic analysis reaped from low-hanging fruit. In other words, it was just too easy not to grab.

A weekend drive to Milwaukee and back and constant adjustments to the radio dial seemed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that incumbent federal, state and local officials in Wisconsin are responsible for all of Minnesota and the nation’s woes.

What a relief! And all this time I thought it was the special interests at work in Washington and St. Paul that might be contributing to slowing down the economic recovery.

But no. Every incumbent in Wisconsin, or a mayor of Milwaukee running for higher office, would seem to be single-handedly responsible for the loss of jobs in various river valleys and central and western Wisconsin counties.

These radio ads became almost comical when the attacks were directed at office holders whose names I’d never heard before. My cynical side wondered how these people had gained so much power to do so much harm without being known outside their immediate precincts.

But humor gave way to cynicism, and then to concern for the health and welfare of America. These ads all sounded like they were stamped out by the same OPM (Other People’s Money) business lobbies, and few gave any hint as to where they came from. Beneficiaries seem to be candidates who’ve taken a pledge that if elected, they will not serve anyone except the unidentified OPM crowd.

Poor Wisconsin. I’m sure Minnesotans would never fall for such brash and deceptive advertising.