Next stop: London


Hold time. At the end of recent interview over Flava New Radio, got a bomb dropped on your homeboy. On Dwight Hobbes Steps on the Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava (, Lady Flava out of nowhere, announced, “You will definitely be hearing Dwight Hobbes [that’s me!] here on Flava News Radio along with Soul City Radio out of Baltimore, Runtings Radio out of London and KLSL – Liquid Soul out of the Pacific Northwest.” Yes, folk, that London. The one over in England. Not too shabby, hunh? Also, when Something I Said (Papyrus Publishing, Inc.) drops – it’s a book of essays – Lady Flava has already invited me back on the show.  Which, by the by, was a gas.  Go listen at it in the archives.

Elsewise.  God bless Patti Ryan.  Her band Inukshuk Pass got booked to play DEMO (Diverse Emerging Music Organization) showcase on the Palace Stage at Wild Tymes.  And, true to her word after a fiasco sometime back at Big V’s, Ryan got me on the supporting bill (whole lineup is This 49, me, The Melvilles, IP and then, closing, The Phantom Vibrations. Cooler than a fan is Inukshuk Pass’ Mark Martin will sit in at the tail end of my set for a couple numbers on ungodly guitar.  “All Along The Watchtower” and that other holiday classic Muddy Waters’ “Hoochie Coochie Man”.

 Okay, what else? Beat Bad Records is releasing the single “End It All Over Again”’ b/w “Lady Midnight”.  And the EP Angels Don’t Really Fly.  Once I get back out to Winterland Studios where the whole shooting match is going to be mastered. 

 That’s about the size of that.

DEMO (Diverse Emerging Music Organization) showcase on the Palace Stage at Wild Tymes. Nov. 23,  8PM.  FREE  —  no cover, no admission. 18+.  33 West 7th Place in St. Paul.  (651) 224-8181