You sure this is how Richie Havens got famous? Part V: The lull


Done basking in the glow of having got back to gigging. And am reasonably assured that there’s no expiration date on having chops. Recalling what Jackson Browne sang, “It ain’t bad work if you can get it, but you gotta make it stick.” Truer words was never spoke.

While waiting to see how well it sticks, still have to remind myself, this is not a matter of add-hot-water-and-have-instant-effect. Takes time staying at it. Takes continued getting out in front of folk, the public. But, man alive, this waiting in between such occasions is a stone cold witch.

Instead of rehearsing, it means practicing. Can you think of anything worser than, when opportunity knocks, being unprepared to open the door, to seize the proverbial moment? Neither can I.

On the bright side. Hot damn, halleluah and pass the gorilla biscuits. “Pretty Girl,” “Lady Midnight,” and “End It All Over Again” (that’s my duet with Alicia Wiley) are getting airplay at Twin Cities Radio where yours truly is—ahem—a featured artist. Beats a blank. By a long shot. My cats Butch and Sundance as I sit here, waiting for the phone to ring, aren’t particularly impressed, but baby, it works for me.