Better right than right now


Better to make sure and do it right than just do it right now.  Which is why this damn book, Something I Said, has been taking so long to get out there.  After spending a good year-and-a-half pulling the thing into shape, no point rushing the last minute nuts and bolts.  So, the past month a half, that’s what it has been.  A matter of nagging, last minute nuts and bolts.  On the publisher’s end.  Though, of course, Anura Si-Asar over at Papyrus Publishing, is telling the printer, “Look, sorry for the delay.  But, you know what a pain the ass these creative types can be.”

Had to pick the right collection of essays.  Controversial (but nowhere near my usual drop-a-building-on-‘em commentary) with humor thrown in to break things up – a man writing advice on romantic relationships.   The essays that’ve previewed on Facebook are getting much love – a vastly relieving sign of encouragement. 

Didn’t know Anura from Adam’s house cat when I pitched him the manuscript.  He had published Mahmoud El-Kati and that was good enough for me.  Since our first tentative meetings ‘til now we still don’t know each other real well but have a healthy mutual respect.  The kind of mutual respect a writer has to have with a publisher.  On top of which, it’s the chance for a couple of brothers to partner in business: that, sorry to say, just don’t happen nearly enough.  Looking forward to this being a good experience.

Elsewise, scrounging around for songs to add to my singer-songwriter set list.  Ain’t sung Smokey Robinson’s “Baby Come Close” in ages.  Or Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Bottle”.  Good time to woodshed: no gigs in the offing and, when not promoting the book, can work songs into the repertoire. 

And gearing up to do a guest appearance on Flava News Radio’s On The Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava.  Soon as Something I Said drops.  Lady said last time I was on the show that she was looking forward to punching the book up once it dropped.  Ya gotta like that!  Whenever it gets scheduled for will be the on-air debut of the song  “Angels” by Dwight Hobbes & The All-Star Hired Guns featuring Boday.  Jeff “Boday” Christensen, trust me, plays some cold-blooded guitar.

Guess that’ll keep me out of trouble and off the streets.  For at least a little while.