Startin’ off


It’s, lemme say, cool to start the year off productive.  Cooler’n a fan.  Headed back to play the DEMO (Diverse Emerging Music Organization) Showcase.  Though, tis time without the gang from Inukshuk Pass having my back.  Ought to manage okay.  Shoot, ain’t been booed off the stage yet.  At anyrate, it’s a damned good gig to get under one’s belt, kicking 2012 off.

Elsewise, happy as a pig in slop over connecting at Flava News Radio.  Stemming from an interview for On the Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava (, a solid half-dozen of your homeboy’s songs are getting international airplay (as in Seattle, Baltimore and London).  Work for you?  Works for me.  P.S. That interview is archived so, don’t be bashful, go ‘head listen at it.  Plus, when Something I Said (Papyrus Publishing, Inc.) drops — a book of essays – when it drops, Lady Flava has already invited me back on the show.  God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, release date for the book’ll be in time for Black Folk Month (Feb.) and, hopefully, air date’ll be somewhere around there.  Don’t hold me to it.

Also: shopping the spanking brand new play Ella Stanley, based on accomplishments of the only female owner in the old Negro Baseball Leagues, Effa Manley.  Brought to you by the author of Shelter, the only drama within recent memory to get rave reviews from the Strib, Pioneer Press and City Pages. 

That’ll about do for now.

Friday, Jan. 6: Singer-songwriter, DEMO (Diverse Emerging Music Organization) Showcase on the Palace Stage at Wild Tymes.  8PM.  FREE  —  no cover, no admission. 18+.  33 West 7th Place in downtown St. Paul.  (651) 224-8181

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